11 August 2010

Dimfall (Lite) - Issue 23

These are fun and quick. I'll probably do some more.

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8 August 2010

Dimfall (Lite) - Issue 22

Because today has been such a special day for us EU1 players ...

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Dimfall (Lite) - Issue 21

I couldn't get onto the EU1 server ... so I did this instead ...

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21 August 2009

Dimfall - Issue 019

Apologies about the first two frames in advance. I was experimenting, and it turns out that colouring a mere sketch sucks. Not only does a coloured sketch look pants, it also takes much longer than my usual method to do.

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6 August 2009

Dimfall - Issue 020

I'm still working on issue 19

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It's in pencils - since I'm still experimenting - which made it nice and quick to do (8 frames in two days is quite good), but it's not as nicely done as a proper issue. The traditional undo function is rather limited, and cartridge paper is a bit too grainy for scanning.

Normal paper on the other hand sucks for drawing on (with pencils)


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21 July 2009

Still experimenting

I'm still experimenting with ways of improving on my method of drawing Dimfall. I have to find a more efficient way of doing this.

The reason I usually halt work on Dimfall for months on end is because I get bored with all the black-lining and colouring that has to be done. It takes an age.

Take the last issue for instance. The fun part - ie the sketching/drawing - took less than two hours for the two frames. But the lining, colouring, shading and highlighting - though crudely done - still took many times that to complete.

I hit upon the idea of dropping the blacklining phase, and instead beefing up the final sketch so it would have nice solid lines, then painting on (well ... under, really) the sketch to get the same result. The problem with that is I can't use flood fill anymore (a great time saver) so colouring will take longer.

The two pics above shows you what I'm trying. I've used mutiple colouring techniques on Heartflame, if you're wondering why she is inconsistant. Even the left side of her hair is done differently to the right. I'm trying to find some method that is quick ... and looks good.

Yes ... I suck at drawing


EDIT - I'm still experimenting as I start the next strip

Dimfall - Issue 018

I'm still experimenting so it's not a 'proper' strip.

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